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 Gran Turismo 2 cheats and walkthroughs

    Gran Turismo 2 Cheats and Walkthroughs

Really easy money

Using a Escuda on the 3rd race of Gran Turismo All Stars can net up to 10 million dollars in a hour. Another easy one is the 1st race on The touring car under special events. The car is worth 125,000.

Fast Money

First get every lisence up to international A. Then go to mazda used cars and buy the one which is the most expencive (for under 10,000. The colour for the car is brilliant black). Then go and win the first race of the Sunday Cup until you get 25000-27000. Then go to Mitibishi used cars and buy the blue lancer. Then go to Muscle Cup under special events. Win the first race around 3 times and you win 7000 each time. But you win a car which you can sell for 25000. Now tune your lancer with all the things which gives you more speed. Now enter the second race of the Muscle Cup. Here you win 8000 and a car which you can sell for 75000. Win that 7 or 8 times and you have yourself with over 500,000! Its easy if your as good as me!

Quick Way To Get Going

Buy a fairly cheap car and win the really easy things (e.g Sunday Cup). Then use your little funds to get your car to around 200hp. Then enter the last race of the 80's sports cars cup at Thaiti Road. This should not be difficult to win and you get a racing edition 80's Skyline with about 550hp. With this you can win anything and get loads of money.

Get the elusive Lancia Stratos

To get the rare and very futuristic looking Stratos, despite that it was made in the 80's, you must beat the 200KM Apricot Hill Endurace Race. You may also get a [R]Viper GTS-R.

Double Your Cash and Garage Space

It is understood that your garage in Gran Turismo 2 only holds 100 cars at a time. Lets say you have 100 cars and $10 million credits Save your game play twice on two differants memory cards. Use one card as your primary garage and one as your secondary garage. Now take the first card and sell off all the lower cars then safe agian. Now take the secondary card , load up and sell all the higher cars then safe again on the secondary card. Keep your best race cars on the primary and all others on the secondary. You have now double your garage space to 200 and have doubled your credits with 10 million in each , plus what you got for the sold cars for a total credits of 20 million plus whatever earned on sold cars, split between the two garages. If you need to transfer a car from one garage to the other, use the data tranfer mode off the main menu by buying the cars off each other You will never lose the money for you own both garages. When one garage fills up, do it again.

Extra HP in HP limited races

On the simulation disc you can use a car with up to 5 more HP on the races (with limited HP). Go buy a item such as race mufflers or computer, but do not equip them on the car. Before the race go into settings and equip the item. The computer will allow around 5 HP more than posted.

Easy Money and Cars

First,you must have at least 300,000 now and an I-A liscense. Buy a Mitsubishi 3000GT MR-Twin Turbo and tune it to the max. Go to Special Events and enter the No#1 Tuned Turbo Car World Cup. All the races here pay 50,000, but are kinda hard. Pick the one with the Test Course. The cars here are unforgiving so make sure you tune your car to go to at least 210 MPH. Race 3 consecutive times and you will win the second ultimate car the HKS R33 Drag. Which sells for 250,000.

Easy Start

This game is very different than GT, you don't win Cups anymore, you have to race tracks one by one. Also, most of the races are limited to a certain HP. The first races you should take are the Sunday Cup and the Clubman Cup. Buy a used R32 Skyline and tune it enough to have a lot of HP. Race all of the races and keep gaining money.

Break the sound barrier in GT

Select a 4WD car. Start and get some speed. Hit a wall at 90 degree. Hold the throttle open. Now your car is stopped, wheels spinning and smoking. Slightly steer to whichever you want to go. Suddenly your car is accelerated. Try to keep your car sticking to the wall so that the acceleration continue.


In arcade mode, winning first place, on any of the original four tracks, in all three classes of vehicles (a, b, c} will open a new track ( a total of four). If you come in first on all eight tracks, in all classes of vehicles, on the EASY difficulty setting, four new car manufacters will be available for you to choose from (Toyota, Subaru, Dodge, including a concept car, and TVR). If you win first on all eight tracks, in all classes of vehicles, on the NORMAL difficulty setting, a cheesy movie and the game credits will be available.

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