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 Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards cheats and walkthroughs

    Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards Cheats and Walkthroughs

Beat Underwood Weevil

Go to the Card Shop and Buy 20 Fire-Type Monsters with 4 Stars or less. This will give you a 98% chance of winning. and you will get 10 Capacity Points, for each time you defeat Underwood weevil.

Duel Mokuba & Esper Roba

After saving Joey & Téa, & then going to the aquarium & dueling Magnum, but before going to the museum to duel Ishizu & Kaiba, go to Kaibacorp, & Mokuba will be outside. You can duel him once. After getting your sixth locator card, before going back to the toy shop, you can still duel Esper Roba, since no-one knows you've got all six cards yet. After splitting up to look for clues, you can't duel Esper for the remainder of the game.

Dueling Yugi & Mai Before The Finals

To duel Yugi at his grandpa's toy shop, after dueling Arcana, go out of the card shop, & then come back in & challenge the shop's new owner. When you win, leave & go to the toy shop & you will find Yugi. To duel Mai, duel a blue-haired guy at the park. When he asks for information on Yugi, say yes, & then he will agree to duel you. After, he will tell you where Mai is.

Summon Cards: Weakness and Strength

Aqua beats: Pyro/Fire
Pyro/Fire beats: Forest
Forest beats: Wind
Wind Beats: Earth
Earth Beats: Thunder
Thunder Beats: Aqua

Light Beats: Fiend
Fiend Beats: Shadow/Dark
Shadow/Dark Beats: Light
Divine: Has no weakness

Heavy Drain

Required: Obelisk the Tormentor, 3 Monsters, level 4 or less. First, put 3 monsters on the field, and tribute them to summon Obelisk the Tormentor. Put him on defense position. now end your turn. Effect: Your opponent will lose 4000 life points, when a monster attacks your Egyptian God Card.

Helpful Hints On Beating The Game

This is some of my hints on helping you onto the game . Once you start ''New Game'' go around the place until you have talk to every main character . Once you have done this the tournament will start . The strongest card you will start out with is ''The Last Warrior''. Ok once you duel with a couple of people go to the graveyard (Right above the place where Rex Raptor is and above that and keep going up until you see a boy with black scratchy eyes) and Bonz will be there . Duel him . You can defeat him easily if u have a bunch of light monsters .(They can destroy the feind monsters that Bonz has ).Once you have defeated him you will get your second locater card. Ok now go to the alley ( Right next to the graveyard and you will see a boy with blue hair).You will have to duel him . Use a bunch of of ert monsters . (They will have serious affect on his thunder monsters ).Now once you have won he will get his older brother to duel you . Now use the same strategy's on him. Once you have defeated him he will get Espa Roba to duel you . Use the same strategy's on him also. Once you have defeated him you will get your third locater card. Now go back to town keep going left until you get to a map . There will be three new places to visit .(Card Shop , Park , and the Art gallery). Go to the park . Once you have got there there will be a strange bald character with an Shiny eye on his forehead . Everytime you try to talk to him he will keep saying ..... . Keep going left there will be three people surrounding Weevil Underwood. You will have to battle all three of them . (Use a bunch of Pyro monsters to defeat their insects ). Ok now you have defeated all 3 of them challenge Weevil . (Beware of his Insect Queen) . 2200 Attack . 2400 Defense. Use a Pyro monster to defeat all of his insects. Once you have defeated him you will get your fourth locater card . Ok go back to the regular city . Go to right next to Kaiba Corp . Challenge Rex Rapter. (Use a bunch of wind type monsters to defeat him) . Once you have defeated him you will have your fifth locater card. Ok right now everyone will be talking about the ghouls. Go back to the graveyard and challenge a guy who has this weird hair and face.Challenge him and use a bunch of light type monsters to beat him . Once you have beated him he will go away . Go right next to Rex Rapter. A guy with an orange shirt on challenge him to a duel . He will be easy . After beating him he will say something . Go to the card shop and there will be a man with a lightening mask on. Go downstairs and you will be at this game show. Use Light Type monsters to defeat him. Once you have Defeated him he will fall. Go to the map and there will be 2 more places to go to. ( Building , Bridge). Go to the bridge and you will see the ending of Seto Kaiba's Win . Keep going right until you reach a place where that same guy with no hair and the wierd eye on his head. Duel him. Use light monsters to defeat him . Once you have beat him he will now fall. Now go back to the map and go to building. Mai Valentine will be there. Duel her. Use a bunch of insect monsters to defeat her. Once you have beat her she will now go away. Now go inside and Joey Wheeler will be in there. Once you say something to him he will go away. Go back to map. Now there will be another place to go . (Aqaurium). Go into it until you see Mako Tsunami finish the battle with Joey Wheeler.Now there will also be a person to battle. Challenge him. Now Beat him. No go down some until you see a boy and a girl. Challenge the girl first. Once you beat her she will tell her boyfriend to duel you. Once you have beat him the couple will leave you alone. Go back up. Challenge Joey to a duel . Once you beat him challenge Mako Tsunami. Use a bunch of thunder type monster to defeat him. Once you defeat him you will get your final locater card. Go to the City and go to the toy shop . Yugi will be there. He will say something like. Tai Gardner and Joey Wheeler left a while ago and they were acting weird . Once you have went out and defeated every ghoul! with hoods on . Just use bunches of light type monster to defeat them. Go to the park where Weevil was at. You will see the ending of Bandit Keith's Match. Challenge him. He will have a mixture of cards. Once you have defeated him go back to the map . Go back to the toy shop. Yugi will be there. he will come in search with you of Bakura. Go back to the map. Go to Building . Ther will be two black men in hoods with a half mask on. They will pick on Bakura. They will lead you to a roof top and you will have to duel on of them.( I would choose the one right in front of you on account that hes much weaker that the other guy with the red half mask). Once you have defeated him they both will fall. Bakura will tell you where seto kaiba is.Go to the map and go to art gallery. Kaiba will be there. He will tell you that Joey is at the peir. Go back to the map and there will be a new place. (Peir).Go to it. Keep going up until you see Joey. He will first ask Yugi to duel. You will see a clip of it. Yugi makes up his mind and dives down in the sea. You will have to dive down and get him. Once you get out Joey will ask you to duel. Once you duel him he will have a mixture of cards. Once you defeat him his regular body will return . You finally go to the map and go to the toy shop in the city. Yugi will be there. He will say Joey is out collecting locator cards. Now go back to the map and go to the art gallery.A Girl with a white hood will tell you to come inside. There will be a statue. Then she will ask you to duel. Use a bunch of Sheild monsters to beat her Light Monsters. Once you beat her shell ask you to battle Seto Kaiba. Beat him. Once you have beat him you will obtain Obolesk The Tormenter. Go back to the toy shop and everyone will be ready to go to the finals. It will automatically take you to the stadium. Talk to mai and she will give you a good card cyber harpie. Now here is the standings

You vs an puppet
You vs yugi
You vs leader of gouls

Now you will be named Duel King .......

Quick Deck Capacity Points and Domino

This cheat/easter egg is for when you are supposed to fight Ishizu in the Art Place. Battle and defeat her to get 30 deck capacity points and about 50000 domino. Then lose to Setto without using an ante card to get sent back to your house without losing a card. When you go back to the Art Place, you can do the same thing over and over again! This is the best way to get a good amount of deck capacity points and Domino.

Easily defeat Ghouls

Note: this isn't a cheat, more like a hint. To easily beat the Ghouls just use light monsters. You can even use Unhappy Maiden! Light monsters automatically beat shadow and fiend monsters and since the ghouls only have dark monsters you will easily defeat them!


Enter: 64631466 in the machine at the card shop.

Order of Finals battles

1. Yugi vs. Bakura
2. You vs. Odion
3. Marik vs. Joey Wheeler
4. Kaiba vs. Mai Valentine
5. You vs. Yugi
6. Marik vs. Kaiba
7. You vs. Marik

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