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 Pokemon Sapphire cheats and walkthroughs

    Pokemon Sapphire Cheats and Walkthroughs

Get Pokemon you can't normaly catch

To catch pokemon you can never catch on Ruby version or Sapphire Version you need the bonus disc for Pokemon Colloseum for GameCube. When you do this you will be able to transfer that pokemon to your version. This time you can catch Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and more pokemon that can only be caught on Red, Blue,Yellow, Gold, Silver and, Crystal versions. It will be easier to catch Deoxys & Jirachi.

Get items very fast

If you've been smart, you kept a zigzagoon/linoone at all time in your party because of the pickup ability. It can also learn many tm's and hm's, like surf. But now to get to the point. If you have a strong linoone in your party(with strong i mean that it can faint any wild pkmn in 1 slash), store all other pokemon in the PC, go to route 102 and cath 5 zigzagoons. weak zigzagoons get items more fast. Then, go to all sorts of places and train your linoone. in the fiery path and other caves and tunnels, the zigzagoons pick up items very fast and often. Items you can get: Ultra ball, Super potion, Rare candy, Kings rock, pp up, full heal, full restore, nugget, revive, and maybe some other things i forgot. in previos pokemon games, pokemon can evolve different with a kings rock, but not here.look out with rare candies: the exp. points will be brought no zero, so don't use one on a pkmn that is halfway to the next level.

Starter tactics

Here some tactics for who's starting (over) the game:

Starter pokemon: My favorite is Mudkip: it's only weakness is grass, but Torchic is also good, because it's evolvd forms are good against gym leaders and the elite 4.

Then your other pokemon: catch a Ralts. it'll take some time searching but eventually you'll find one. the best way is just to run around in the first patch of grass by the small pond to route 102 and run for every pokemon exept Ralts. you can also run in to a surskit. those are very rare, so catch that one too. your first ralts should have sychronize as it's ability. if you don't do anything with the ralts and keep searching the same way. you should find another ralts quickly, and it's ability will almost always be trace. you know when it has because it says:

Wild Ralts appeared!
Go! MUDKIP! (for example)
Wild Ralts TRACED Mudkip's TORRENT! That way.

Trace will copy special ability. Then, deposit the ralts with sycronize in the pc. the rest is easy:catch a zigzagoon. his ability is pickup and you will get great items from it.

catch a poochyena.
train them all to lv 10 before battling trainers.
catch a taillow
catch a shroomish
when you get in dewford, catch a sableye in granite cave: it's only weakness is bug.
replace it for poochyena
you have to get a water type if you choose treecko or torchic as a starter for SURFing later in the game.

Orange Zigzagoon

You can find an orange zigzagoon on route 116. I found it when training for rustboro gym. (I named it zigaorange) About shiny and weird colord pokemon, I think you have to be extremely, EXTREMELY lucky to find one, or they can cary from game to game. for example, I spent over 300 hours at the game and I still haven't found a shiny swablu.

Catching Jirachi

To catch Jirachi you have to get 5 stars next to your name on your trainer card.To do that you have to defeat the elite 4,win all five contests and have their portraits drawn,win 50 battles at battle tower,complete your pokedex,and defeat EVERY trainer in the game.Then go to the space center in Modseep and talk to everyone in there. One of them will tell you the number of the flight.If it is flight 100 he may let you on the rocket and you will encounter Jirachi in space.Or you will just encounter him in the wild after you get 5 stars but try the rocket thing first.

The Berry Dude

When you get to Lilycove city, if you go all the way over to that house where the cove part starts. There is a man in a blackish suit that walks back and forth around that area, if you go talk to him he'll explain about this weird 'berry to a T' thing. Then every so often he will give you a berry, it may not be much but eventually, he'll give you rare berries, and you can sell them at high prices. And some of them also have good effects on Pokemon. So, have fun talking to a dude that gives you weird berries that remind people of their past and future. Even if you don't know what your future holds.

Easy Latias

Go to Lilycove and talk to the kid who says he came from Kanto three or more times.

Then head east to route 121 and keep searching in the grass.

Eventually the legendary beast will appear and he will be yours on the pokedex.

Note: You must have beaten the elite four first and seen it on your tv.


To find Chimecho, go to Mt Pyre (route 122) on the top floor (outside) Go to the far right where is a patch of grass. Search in there. After AGES (*yawn....zzzzz*) you should find a chimecho. Strangely enough, I would find them more often when my enemy team was there. But that's probably just a coincidence.

How to get Jirachi

Beat the pokemon league and look at your trainer card and there will be a star beside your name get 5 and you will get Jirachi

I have figured out 3 so far:

Beat the pokemon League
Get all the decorations
Beat master rank in all competitions

Get a masterball to catch Kyogre

When you face Team Aqua in Lilycove city. Don't talk to the woman at the submarine, yet. done in the bottom right hand screen should be a teleporter. Go on it and it'll take you to a place full of them try out each one until you get to a room with four poke-balls. get the back 2 and you will get a NUGGET and a master-ball.

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