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 Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku 2 cheats and walkthroughs

    Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku 2 Cheats and Walkthroughs

Unlock Hercule, etc.

To Unlock Hercule (Mr.Satan) Get Gohan,Piccolo, Vegeta, and Trunks to Level 50 and get there Tophies. If it's before the Cell Games you'll need to beat the Cell Games. Hercule will now be available.

Hercule Stats:

Comes at Level:40
Starting Str:19/100
Starting Pow:18/100
Starting End:30/100
Level 50 Door:KZTV in West City
Attacks:A-Normal Melee Hold A-Nothing B-"Peace(Freeze Time for 5-7 sec)"

Different Diolog: Go Talk to Chi-Chi,Bulma,Master Roshi,Oolong,and Chioutzu with Hercule.

Chi-Chi: "The public deserves to know what my son did! It's not fair!How could you steal credit from a little boy like that!"

Oolong: "I have to applaud you Hercule! Your the only person in the world who's a bigger coward than me!"

Master Roshi: Maybe under different circumstances I could have trained you and made you into a real fighter. But as things are, you are helpless."

Chiaotzu: It's a good thing for you that Gohan dosen't crave fame or fortune!"

Bulma:"How can you be such a jerk Hercule?You better leave before I call Security."

Defeating Cooler: When you have all 7 Nameks and go to new Namek everthing looks fine. See the cave all the way in the back, Cooler is in it. He's been here since you were a level 11! A level 48-50 Gohan should work on Cooler's 10,200 HP. When 3 quarters of life is depleated go Super Saiyin.

The Cell Games Tournement:

Round 1 Goku VS Cell
Round 2 Goku VS Cell
Round 3 Gohan VS Cell
Round 4(or5)Piccolo VS Cell Jr.
Round 6 Vegeta VS Cell JR.
Round 7 Trunks VS Cell Jr
Round 7 1/2 Gohan VS Cell
Round 8 Cell and Goku Go BOOM!(So Sad)
Final Round : Gohan VS Cell

Easy way of defeating Cell with Picolo

In order to beat Cell with Picolo go behind the huge boulder is where the rest of the gang is that way Cell won't mess you up when you turn Super Namek.Then when your Sayion gadge is full turn in to {SN} Super Namek.Then when your low on healh get out of SN and let your green and sayion gadge replenish.Then turn SN again and you will notice your health is replenishing. Keep on doing this and you'll be sure to win against Cell.

New Namek

Once you've found all 7 of the Missing Nameks, return to the ship near the Capsule Corporation and speak with the scientist. He'll ask you to accompany the refugees home to New Namek! Hop in the ship and you'll be taken to this bizarre world. The first thing you want to do is speak to the Namek in front of the ship. In gratitude, he'll give you the key to Grandpa Goku's house. You know, the one right next to Goku's house that you've never been able to open. When you return to Earth check here to grab +5 Power, Strength and Endurance Capsules.

Next, head into the cave at the north end of the settlement. Here you'll meet up with Frieza. Well you're going to have to fight him again. Other than his rather large amount of life, this battle isn't particularly hard. He doesn't seem to have any projectile attacks whatsoever, so don't be shy about putting distance between him and you if you need to go Super Saiyan. Other than that, just beat him up like you beat everybody else up in the game.

Once he's dead, collect the +5 Power Capsule that he drops and head through the door to the north. Here we have a level 50 Piccolo Door. Assuming that he's appropriately leveled up, enter to find the Piccolo Statue.

Move Dialogue Box

You can move the dialogue box up and down the screen. Press L to move it up and R to move it down.

Alternate Ending Sequence

Get to level 50 with Hercule (Mr. Satan). Go to West City and break down the door (there is a 50 on it). Enter it to view the sequence.

Alternate Ending Sequence

Get to level 50 with Hercule (Mr. Satan). Go to West City and break down the door (there is a 50 on it). Enter it to view the sequence.

Faster Credits

Rotate the D-pad in circles at the credits.

New Moves

During the game, your journal will get updated to go train with Master Roshi. You can learn one move with Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta and Trunks. One person will learn one move with Master Roshi. The move you will learn with each person is a "Hold A" Move. Hold A and allow the attack to charge and each person does a different move.

99 Cookies

Go to Capsule Corp. and keep talking to Bulma's mom until she says you have 99 Cookies. Cookies recover 5 HP.

Easy Sparring Match

At the start of the game when you can fight your friends at the atrium in the Capsule Corp. building, stand to the right of one of the pillars. You can hit them, but they cannot hit you. They will keep coming towards you; stand there and hit them when they are close enough.

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