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 Zelda: Link's Awakening cheats and walkthroughs

    Zelda: Link's Awakening Cheats and Walkthroughs

Get the Master Sword

In the game there are Seceret Seashells. After you have collected 5 of them, go to the Seashell Mansion whitch is located 2 screens north of the cave that leads to Animal Village. Go in the Mansion and through the bars. Another bar should appear and rise according to the amount of shells you have. A box will appear. Get it and you will get another shell. Next go in there when you have 10 shells. Another box will appear. Get it and you will get another shell. Finally go back in there when you have 20 shells and a little show (or cool grapics) will appear. After that is done you will have to grab the sword to have it. When your hearts are filled and you swing the sword a flashing sword will come out of it and will kill the first thing it hits! Cool huh?

Get the Boomerang

Once you have gotten the magic rod, go to Tornbo Shores. Walk along th shore. On the wall to Link's left should be a crack in the wall. Blow it up with a bomb if you haven't already. Go in. A guy in there will say "I'll give you a great item for wheatever is in your B button column. Is it a deal?" say no. don't leave but get your shovel in the B button column. Talk to him again and say yes this time. After you've traded don't trade back even though he will. The Boomerang can act like a sword and kill enemies and can pick up items! Cool huh!?

999 rupees / the power of color

There are two ways to get full rupees, one only works for color:
In key caverns when you get to the boss slime eyes, do not ram the wall and hit him down, first kill the gels that fall from the ceiling until you get 999 rupees(they will move torwards you so equip the sheild and sword and stay on the side of the wall and they won't fall on you)

In the color dungeon, from the entrance, go up one room after moving the gaurds, right one room, and blow up the south wall and there will be green rupees all over the floor which are each worth five and there are almost 999, then leave the dungeon and come back and the room will be filled again and you can fill up rupees completely(so it's pretty much infininte rupees with no work or cost except for a 10 ruppe cost for the bombs

THE power of color:
When you beat the color dungeon boss a room will open to the right and you can chose a red shirt for offense power or a blue shirt for defensive power... you can always go back without facing the boss or mini-bosses to change shirt color. YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK TO GREEN (NORMAL)

Cool glitch

At any point in the game go to the 1st dungeon. Go to the bosses room. Fall over the side and hold up and repeatedly swing your sword. Make your way to the botom edge of the window, go to the right edge of the window, then all the way up. You will be in the angler dungeon. Open chests to get the items. You will only get two of them. Find the mini boss and beat it. Save and find the flipers.

Color dungeon

Go to the Mabe village library. Use pegasus boots as soon as you walk in to ram into the bookshelf knocking down a book. Read the book and it will give you directions to the color dungeon.

See the mermaid swim on land

This is not really a code, but it is funny. You must have the Flippers and her necklace to do this. Go to the mermaid. Go right in front of her, and dive. She should swim to a diffrent spot. Do the same thing with the new spot, but this time swim to the original spot and dive. The mermaid shold come up in a third spot. Now give her the necklace. She will thank you, and then start jumping away on the land as if she were in the water! Very funny!

Secret Music

When on the "Game Select" screen, erase a game. Play the erased game. The game will ask you for your name. Enter "ZELDA" in all capitals and press the Start button. The "Game Select" screen music will change!

Flying Chickens

All you have to do is attack any chicken in any Village untill you see a lot of chickens flying across the screen.

Screen Skip

To pass an obstacle go back to the left or right of the screen. Stand on the edge of the screen. Right when you go to re-enter the screen with the obstacle, press Select. With good timing, then the map screen will appear. When you return to the game, you will be one screen over at the same spot. If you get stuck, don't save, try again.


When you finish Key Caveran (and get all the keys.) you should have an extra key. Go back inside and walk around. You should find a locked door that you already opened! Unlock the door and your extra key should be gone. That is why they put the extra key in the level.

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