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 1080 Avalanche cheats and walkthroughs

    1080 Avalanche Cheats and Walkthroughs

Trick Attack

All three of 1080 degrees's Trick Attack courses give you a chance to spend several seconds off the ground. If you leap when the jump meter is at it's peack, the game will switch into slow motion, giving you more time in the air. When your character flashes, you'll be able to score a combo multiplier if you pull off a quick grab.

Wax Waster

1080 degrees is crammed full of rails and logs to slide. Watch the balance meter carefully and adjust the control stick to keep the marker in the middle. Sliding can be a great way to shave some seconds from your score in Time Trial mode.

Tuck and Run

You can improve your course time by tucking at every opportunity. The tuck cuts down on your ability to turn tightly, but it increases your speed. Take quick turns out of the tuck, then press and hold the L button to tuck again as soon you're setup for a straight path.

Ride Away Clean

If you're reckless in the air, there's a good chance that you'll land off balance or wipe out when you come back down to earth. To ensure a safe, speed-building landing, press and hold the L button just before your board touches the snow.

Earn New Costumes

To get an alternate costume for your character, finish the Hard Match Race. You will only unlock a new outfit for the character you used to beat the mode.

Power Painter board

Win nine trophies in gate challenge mode by besting the high score on nine courses.

NST 1080 Avalanche board

Win fifteen trophies in gate challenge mode by besting the high score on fifteen courses.

Mr. Beake's board

Win two trophies in gate challenge mode by besting the high score on two courses.

Unlock Extreme Match Race

To open up a hidden match race mode, "Extreme", beat all three standard difficulty levels. Once you have beaten Avalanche Alley: No Way Out, the Hard final challenge, wait for the credits to finish. The extreme course will now appear on the Match Race main screen.

Extreme course

Successfully complete novice, hard, and expert challenges to unlock the extreme course.

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1080 Avalanche Walkthroughs and Cheats
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