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 Sonic Adventure 2 cheats and walkthroughs

    Sonic Adventure 2 Cheats and Walkthroughs

Play Catch with S.W.A.T. BOTs

First, you must have the Magic Hands for Sonic. You find them in the "City Escape" level by using the Fire Ring and Bounce attack on four metal boxes.If or when you do, go to the level, "City Escape," then find a S.W.A.T. BOT. Press the Y button until it says "Magic Hands" in the top-right corner, then press B. When you do, the S.W.A.T. BOT will explode and then appear inside of a little clear ball. Pick the ball up and find another S.W.A.T. BOT. Once you do, throw the balled up S.W.A.T. BOT at it. The S.W.A.T. BOT should shoot the ball and the ball will be sent back to you. After 6 or 7 throws, the balled up S.W.A.T. BOT should blow up and die.

Eggman's mysteroious melody

To get eggman's mysteroios melody.Go to the sand ocean level then on the first moveing platform. Wait until the platform moves to the lefthand side then(with the jet booster)jou fly until you see a platform and fly over to to it and eggman's mysteroios melody will be there. Now you have something to do with those ruions!

Big the Cat Appearances

There are several places in SA2 that you can see Big the Cat from Sonic Adventure. Here are a few of them:

1. City Escape: About 3/4 of the way down when you're running away from the truck look on the right sidewalk to see him running away.

2. Radical Highway: After going in one of the rockets look at the blimp to the left and he will be sitting on it.

3. Pumpkin Hill: Go to the area where the train is stuck (it's going back and forth) and he is behind one of the gates waving to you.

4. Cannon's Core: With Rouge, go to the top of the highest pillar in the main room and look up. He's jumping up and down.

5. When you're battling against Shadow with Sonic in the Green Forest area there is a grate. Look down in the grate and you can see Big fishing.

Boss Attack Mode

To unlock Boss Attack mode, complete either Hero or Dark side story modes. You'll be able to fight each boss from either Hero or Dark side.

Tip: Planting Seeds in the Chao Garden

If you play through the Chao Adventure 2, the VMU game, you will find seeds at the end of some of the quests. These seeds can be taken to the Chao garden and produce rare fruits. In order to plant these seeds, you need to first win the shovel and watering can in the beginner Chao races. As soon as you have won these, take the seed out of the VMU and give it to one of your Chao. The Chao will take it, plant it, do a little dance and a little weed you appear. Eventually, it will grow into a tree that you can use to help improve your Chao stats.

Unlock Last Stage

In order to play the actual last stage of Sonic Adventure 2, finish both Hero and Dark side story games. Once done, go into story mode and a "Last Stage?" menu selection should appear between Hero and Dark selections.

Unlock Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow

Everybody wants to play as Super Sonic, and now you can. All you need to do is complete "Last Stage?" in story mode, and you'll unlock both Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow.

Knuckles Lost Chao

Pumpkin Hill: Use the mystice melody, follow the path.

Dupe Chao Warning

For extra Chao, you can put a Chao Egg from SA1 on a memory card and take it out in SA2, but if use use any type of egg besides regular, it might screw up (my Chao became all distorted). Also, it will be a regular caho, not silver, gold, or whatever type of egg you used.

Air Necklace

To get Knuckles Air Necklace, you must go down the tunnel with a ghost warning sign and a spring at the bottom. You have to be fast underwater or you'll die. Once you have this it makes it possible to find the Lost Chao.

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Sonic Adventure 2 Walkthroughs and Cheats
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