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 Shenmue cheats and walkthroughs

    Shenmue Cheats and Walkthroughs

Play arcade games for free

Be sure you have at least 4,000 yen. Go to the Tomato store in Dobiuta. Then buy either potato chips, chocolate, or caramel so you can do the raffle. Keep on buying and buying until you get the 2nd prize (this takes a lot of patience.) Now that you won the Sega Saturn game, go back home. Go to the TV room (the room across your bedroom.) Open up the doors on the TV stand (you will pick up the Sega Saturn and put it on the TV.) Look at it, then go to the inventory screen (the Y button.) Select your Saturn game, and enjoy!

Four Discs, Four Different Audio Warnings

If you place your Shenmue Discs into any CD-Player you'll hear a different character deliver the message with each disc you place into your CD-Player. The first Disc is Ryo, the second is Fukusan, the third disc is Chai and the Fourth disc is Nozomi.

Real-World Weather

Once you have completed the game and saved your data you can access the Options menu and turn on the Magic Weather. This will access the real weather that Yokosuka experienced in 1986 and 1987.

QTE with Mean Girls

When it is about 5 p.m. on Disc Two, head to the food stand to see a cut sceen. The girl Mi will ask her sister for money but then there will be an argument. Speak with the girl at the food stand afterwards and she will ask you to calm her sister down. Head to warehouse 7 afterwards and there will be a QTE.

Raccoon Bonus

Instead of randomly shooting down bonus characters, concentrate on Raccoons instead. Consecutive shots at the Raccoons will let you achieve a much higher score.

See Santa!

Set the Dreamcast's internal clock to December 25 and begin playing Shenmue. You will see Santa Claus walking the streets!

Unlock the 70 Person Battle

To unlock the only good part of the game, first you'll have to beat the game. Then, on disc three, go to the main menu. Select Options, then select the 70 person battle.

The Winning Can

When your in Dobuita or the Harbor, go to the pop machine (any) and choose a pop. I would recommend that you choose the blue can on the choices (very left) of the pop machine. If the pop you chose is blue then you need to choose again until you get a can that is yellow. That means that you've won; now take that can to the casier in the Tomato Mart and in your items choose the can in front of the casier. Press A and you will choose a ticket (i chose winning tickets most of the time).

Make fork lifts back up

While you are driving the forklift you can easily make people in other forklifts back up even if they are /or are not in directly in front of you ( for example, while driving down a open area honk the horn and people will automatically back up ). Be somewhat close to them. Remember to honk the horn !

Infinite money (Japanese version)

Take the 500 yen you are given each day from the table and leave the house. Return to the house and enter your room. Leave your room and 500 more yen will be on the table. Repeat this as much as needed to collect an unlimited amount of money.

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