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 Rainbow Six cheats and walkthroughs

    Rainbow Six Cheats and Walkthroughs

Extra modes

Enter these codes while in game without pausing. There will be a confirmation if you do it right.

Heavy Breathing Mode: JoystickDown, D-buttonDown and A.

Mega Head Mode:JoystickLeft, D-buttonDown, X.

Stumpy Mode:JoystickLeft, D-buttonDown, Y.

Side Scroller Mode:JoystickDown, D-buttonDown, Y.

God Modes

To enter these codes, simply enter durong gameplay (dont pause).

Team God Mode: JoystickLeft, D-button Down, A.
Team God Mode turns on invincibility for you whole team.

Avatar God Mode: JoystickUp, D-button Down A.
Avatar God Mode turns only your character invincible.


Find terrorists
Always check your radar for terrorists before entering a room. Terrorists turn red arrows on radar.

Heartbeat sensor
Do not leave without giving at least one operative a heartbeat sensor.

Toggle victory conditions mode

While playing a game, press Analog-stick Up + D-pad Down + A.

Infinite ammunition

Shoot all of your bullets except one, then put in a new clip. Your ammunition will be refilled, but you will not lose a clip. Repeat this as many times as needed for an unlimited amount of ammunition.

Toggle rudeness mode

While playing a game, press Analog-stick Right + D-pad Down + A.

Toggle clodhopper mode

While playing a game, press Analog-stick Left + D-pad Down + A.

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Rainbow Six Walkthroughs and Cheats
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