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 Mortal Kombat 4 cheats and walkthroughs

    Mortal Kombat 4 Cheats and Walkthroughs

Fight as Goro

Successfully complete the game with Shinnok. Change Shinnok's costume, then select the invisible icon at the bottom of the character selection screen. Press [Up] [Up] [Up] [Left] to highlight Shinnok's icon, then press [Run] + [Block].

Fight as Noob Saibot

Successfully complete the game with Reiko. Enter the 012 012 Kombat code in versus mode. Exit this match and enter the character selection screen. Select the invisible icon at the bottom of the character selection screen. Press [Up] [Up] [Left] to highlight Reiko's icon, then press [Run] + [Block].

View biographies

Enter "Kombat Theatre" mode, highlight the desired character, and press [Block].

Kombat Kodes

Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding effect.

Kombat Kode Effect
111-111 Free weapon
100-100 Throwing disabled
444-444 Start with weapons drawn
666-666 No background music
050-050 Last hit causes loser to explode
222-222 Random weapons
123-123 Start with energy slightly above "Danger" level
555-555 Weapons drop all over the stage
060-060 No rain on the Wind World stage
002-002 Both players never drop weapons
020-020 Rains blood at the "Wind World" stage
010-010 No maximum damage limit for combos
110-110 No throws and maximum damage combo limit
011-011 Play at "Goro's Lair" stage
022-022 Play at "The Well" stage
033-033 Play at "The Elder Gods" stage
044-044 Play at "The Tomb" stage
055-055 Play at "Wind World" stage
066-066 Play at "Reptile's Lair" stage
101-101 Play at "Shaolin Temple" stage
202-202 Play at "Living Forest" stage
303-303 Play at "The Prison" stage
001-001 Unlimited Run meter
313-313 Play at "Ice Pit" stage
321-321 Big head mode

Fight as Meat

Enter "Group Mode" and successfully complete the game with all sixteen characters. After this has been accomplished, select any character and begin a match. Your character will playing as Meat with all the moves of the character that was selected.

Cheat option

Highlight the "Continue" selection on the options screen. Hold [Low Kick] + [Block] until the cheat option appears and the word "Outstanding" is spoken. The cheat options include "Endings", "Fatalities 1", "Fatalities 2", and "Level Fatalities". The "Level Fatalities" option will allow the spike fatality to be executed on any level.

Go to the practice menu. Highlight the "Difficulty" selection and hold [Low Kick] + [Block] until the cheat menu appears. Note: You can only choose one option ("Endings", "Fatalities 1", or "Fatalities 2"). Selecting them simultaneously has no effect.

Alternate costumes

Press [Start] + any button to rotate the select screen pictures two times to enable each character's second costume, except for Sonya and Tanya. The select screen pictures must be rotated three times for those characters.

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