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 Mob Rule cheats and walkthroughs

    Mob Rule Cheats and Walkthroughs

Money Trick

Enable the "borrow any amount" code. Borrow up to $21,475,000. The BANK WILL PAY the player $214,756 each month instead of the player having to pay interest on the loan.

Cheat Codes

To access the cheat mode, start a game and while selecting which team color to play, you type any one of the cheat codes below and press return. If you have typed it correctly you will hear a beep. This can be repeated for however many of the codes you wish to trigger.

Then, when within the game, you can toggle the cheat modes which you have selected on/off by pressing the C key.

Each cheat code enables different elements of cheating:

Code Result
speed364 - Allow speed up game in network mode
worker928 - Allow buying of workers at any time
pickup036 - Allow picking up of enemy beacons
weapons563 - Allow buying of any weapon for gangster
tenants872 - Allow selection of any tenant at any time
loans458 - Allow borrowing of any amount with bank
estates216 - Allow buying of an estate without conditions

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Mob Rule Walkthroughs and Cheats
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