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 Medieval: Total War cheats and walkthroughs

    Medieval: Total War Cheats and Walkthroughs

All provinces get Silver

Enter the code .mefoundsomeag

All Provinces get Gold

Enter the code .mefoundsomeau

All provinces get Copper

Enter the code .mefoundsomecu

All provinces get Iron

Enter the code .viagra

Reveal Map

Enter the code .matteosartori

All structures and units unlockes

Enter the code .badgerbunny

Play as rebels (Code cannot be undone)

Enter the code .conan

Faster building

Enter the code .worksundays

1 Million Florins

Enter the code: .deadringer

Editing Configuration

Just open up the folowing folders

C:/ Programs\Total War\Mediavel - Total War\Campmap\Startpos\

Then from there choose what time period you want to play ( MAKE A COPY OF THE FILE BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY CHANGES JUST IN CASE )

Choose Early, High, Late and open the text file.START DATE.

SetStartDate:- (xxxx)
to what ever you want

And set the
SetLatePeriodStartDate:- (xxxx) to the same date.
If you choose to play in the Early it would be SetEarlyPeroidStartDate:-(xxxx)
and High would be SetHighPreiodStartDate:-(xxxx)

You must use 4 Numbers ie: 1000, 0050 or what ever you want.

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Medieval: Total War Walkthroughs and Cheats
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