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 Mechwarrior 2 cheats and walkthroughs

    Mechwarrior 2 Cheats and Walkthroughs

More Codes

Hold Alt+Shift+Ctrl and press:
(xray) - See it all in frams
(cia) - Never loose ammo


Hold shift,control and alt at the same time and type Enolagay...nuclear blast(make sure you have god mode on)


Go to the trial of grievence and change your name to:

Calvin: Adds Elemental between Dire Wolf & Fire Moth

Hobbes: Adds Tarantula between Elemental & Fire Moth

Enzo: Adds Battle Masler IIC between Tarantula & Fire Moth ( Your computer will crash if you try using this 'Mech in a mission)

Go to any clan ( Jade Falcon or Wolf) and change your name to Freebirthtoad and choose any mission you like.

In any mission, while holding down Ctrl+Alt+Shift, type these words in:

Blorb: Invincibility
Coldmiser: Heat tracking off
Icanthackit: End mission with success
Idfka: Telling you now would be spoiling the surprise!
Michelin: Bounding spheres
Xray: The name says it!
Zmak: Time compression on/off
Flygirl: Adds jumpjets
Mightymouse: Infite jumpjets
Gankem: Blows up targeted 'Mech
Dorcs: Meet the dorcs


Hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift an type...
su-god mode
oo-heat tracking on/off
is-infinite ammo
it-nukes target
li-mission automatically complete
re-destroys current target
cr-infinite jumpjets
be-enables free-eye mode
wediditagain - Screen of the creators of Mechwarrior
redjackandtikrules - Getargete mech 'booom'!
flashyflashy - Auto grouping on/off
Paasei - Go to the 'mech bay' and then to the right you will see lightbulbs. So, click on the second bulb from the right and then...

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