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 Madden NFL 2000 cheats and walkthroughs

    Madden NFL 2000 Cheats and Walkthroughs

Team ranking

The following is a list of teams, ranked from best to worst.

1. Packers
2. Broncos
3. Cowboys
3. Dolphins
3. Vikings
4. Falcons
4. Jaguars
4. Patriots
5. Bills
5. Jets
6. 49ers
7. Buccaneers
8. Titans
8. Seahawks
9. Steelers
9. Chiefs
9. Cardinals
10. Giants
10. Raiders
11. Saints
11. Rams
12. Chargers
13. Lions
14. Colts
15. Redskins
15. Ravens
15. Bears
15. Panthers
16. Bengals
17. Eagles
18. Browns

Cheat mode

Complete the Madden Challenge, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
1972 Raiders 32767
1972 Steelers LEARNTOSWIM
1976 Patriots 10MOREMIN
1976 Raiders TONSOFMEAT
1981 Chargers DRBENWAY
1981 Dolphins 3000
1985 Dolphins CTHULHU
1986 Broncos MILKBAR
1988 49ers COSMICSLOP
1988 Bengals GAMMALITE
1990 Bills CNOTES
1990 Giants ALTXY
1992 Oilers FLUFFY
1995 Colts GREASY
1995 Steelers STILLERS
1997 Broncos NUMINOUS
1997 Packers HUGECHICKIN
20 yards for a first down FIRSTIS20
All 60s team MOJO
All 70s team SIDEBURNS
All 80's team TRICKLEDOWN
Ball camera BTHEBALL
Bonus All-Madden team TEAMMADDEN
Bonus Centurian team PHALANX
Bonus Clown team KILLERJOKE
Bonus EA Sports team WEARETHEGAME
Bonus Industrials team INTHEFUTURE
Bonus Marshall's Fantasy team COWBOYS
Bonus Mummies team THOTH
Bonus Nile Hi stadium VALLEYOKINGS
Bonus Sugar Buzz team SNAPTACLEPNT
Bonus Tiburon team SHARKATTACK
Curved space time QUANTUM
David vs. Goliath mode QUARKANDSTAR
Electric sidelines CHAOS
Electric sidelines OLDSPARKY
Floating heads EXISTENIAL
Hidden 4th And Incas stadium TENOCHTITLAN
Hidden Alpha Blitz Stadium PANCAKES
Hidden Dodge City stadium WILDWEST
Hidden EA Sports stadium ITSINTHEGAME
Hidden Savage Field stadium PCBS
Hidden Tiburon Bros. stadium SIDESHOW
Hidden Tiburon stadium WEPUTITHERE
Hidden Xmas Rush stadium XMASGIFT
More fumbles ROLLERGIRL
More injuries PAINFUL
More interceptions PICKEDOFF
More speed NO2
No interceptions NOPICKS
Perfect passes QBINTHECLUB
Player fatigue quickly FINALBUILD
Players harder to tackle WIMPBALL
Super jumps AIRMADDEN
Super jumps MOONBALL
Super speed burst PHOTON
Team makes fewer penalties REFISBLIND
Tiberium stadium SAMEASITEVER

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Madden NFL 2000 Walkthroughs and Cheats
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