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 MDK cheats and walkthroughs

    MDK Cheats and Walkthroughs


To use these codes, hit the F1 key to get to the help screen first.
Most of these codes can only be used once per level.

American Version:
MAKEMEFULL Full health
MASTERBLASTER Super chain gun powerup
DECOYKURT Dummy item
BIGGRENADE Homing sniper grenade ammo
KILL Kill yourself

European Version:
HEALME Full health
INEEDABIGGUN Super chain gun powerup
TORNADOAWAY Torando item
NASTYSHOTTHANKS Homing sniper grenade ammo
KILL Kill yourself

To use this code, just type it in after the drop from space on the first level:
SHOWMOVIEMDKBZK Play hidden movie


holokurtisfun - decoy
ineedabiggun - super chaingun
natsyshottanks - homing super grenades
tornadoway - twisters

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MDK Walkthroughs and Cheats
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