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 4x4 Evolution cheats and walkthroughs

    4x4 Evolution Cheats and Walkthroughs

12 Treasure Chests

1. Arctic Wasteland
After check point 2, go straight, after a while, you will encounter a secret base with treasure in it.

2. Arizona
Go directly backwards to find a ghost town, the treasure is by the saloon in the ghost town.

4. Black Gold
Just before Checkpoint 7, turn 90 right into small fenced in area, then turn 90 right with in the area treasure near building.

6. Crazy 2000
After Checkpoint 6, drive straight, ignoring turn. Go to far end of lake/pond and find it in shallow water.

7. Farm Road 109
Under railroad bridge

9. Laguna Del Sol
The Tresure is on an island with a boat nearby.

10. Motocross
After Checkpoint 5 follow the track until you reach first tree on right. Turn left up slope across road, drive toward green and red canopy. Treasure in porta-potty close by.

11. Restricted Area
After Checkpoint 4, turn right on paved road, then travel a short distance to secret hanger, the treasure in secret hangar.

12. Salvage Wasteland
Go to outer wall, follow it until you find fenced in area, treaure in area.

13. Silverton Pass
At the first river, follow it upstream (left) to find a small alcove with a treasure chest.

14. Treasure Bay
Go directly to shoreline, turn left, and find beached ship. Treasure inside hole in ship.

15. Truck Stop 101
Immediately turn left 90, continue until you reach old highway on side of highway, there is a small trench, chest in trench.

Receive $1 Million

During gameplay, type 'goldfinger'. Then type 'givememoneyordie'. Now exit gameplay.

Receive $999,999,999

Always make a backup copy before making any changes. Open the file 'metal.ini' in the system folder of the game folder. Go down to the profiles and change the value of 'Cash=' to '9E!4q7fYKoZWNUxfup7GNuQSsT+'

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4x4 Evolution Walkthroughs and Cheats
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