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 Mortal Kombat 3 cheats and walkthroughs

    Mortal Kombat 3 Cheats and Walkthroughs

Endurance Mode

On the main menu, highlight Start Game, then hold A + B + C and press Start. To play, press Start to register for the battle, then use Left and Right to select a fighter for each box or press B to choose a fighter at random for the current box. To randomize the entire match, hold Up and press Start.

Fight Smoke

To fight Smoke, select Vs. Mode. At the Vs. screen, press A, A, C, C, C on both controllers. After the first round the winner will fight Smoke.

Infinite Combo For Smoke

If you have a turbo controller and are playing with smoke you can inflict 100% damage with this combo. First, grab your opponent with the spear and as you are pulling them to you, HOLD back and low punch. (remember this only works with a turbo controller) continue holding these buttons and smoke will hit the other guy with a low punch and knock him back, then shoot him with the spear and pull him to you. the proccess keeps repeating until they die.

Be warned: Liu Kang and Shao Khan can get out of this combo!

Killer Codes Menu

On the main menu press C, RIGHT, A, LEFT, A, UP, C, RIGHT, A, LEFT, A, UP.

Kombat Kodes

Kombat Kodes are entered at the VS screen using a button to control each of the six boxes. (P1 and P2 refer to player 1 and player 2.)

Box1 Box2 Box3
P1 Low Punch P1 Block P1 Low Kick

Box4 Box5 Box6
P2 Low Punch P2 Block P2 Low Kick

000-033 -- Player two starts with 1/2 energy bar
000-707 -- Player two starts with 1/4 energy bar
006-040 -- Endurance Fighting
011-971 -- Healing Enabled
020-020 -- Blocking Disabled
033-000 -- Player one starts with 1/2 energy bar
033-564 -- Winner of Round One fights Shao Kahn
082-771 -- No Cheese (no throws or sweep)
091-293 -- Sweeping Disabled
100-100 -- Throwing Disabled
122-333 -- View Credits
123-926 -- "No Knowledge That Is Not Power"
205-205 -- Winner of Round One fights Smoke
282-282 -- "No Fear"
303-606 -- Bonus Pong Game
460-460 -- Random Kombat (changes your fighter)
466-466 -- Unlimited Run
494-494 -- No Patience
642-468 -- Bonus Galaxians Game
667-000 -- No Timer
688-422 -- Dark Fighting
688-688 -- Quicker Uppercuts
707-000 -- Player one starts with 1/4 energy bar
769-342 -- Winner of Round One fights Noob Saibot
911-911 -- No Abuse
929-646 -- Bad Luck With TNT
955-955 -- More Time to Execute Fatalities
969-141 -- Winner of Round One fights Motaro
985-125 -- Psycho Kombat
987-123 -- No Powerbars
987-666 -- "Hold Flippers during Casino Round"
999-995 -- Combos Disabled

More Lives On Bonus Game

Hold X, A, B, C, Z, Y At the Galaxy screen. NOTE: You must have a 6 button controller to perform this.

Morph Shang Tsung Into Smoke

To turn Shang Tsung into Smoke, press Back, Back, Low Punch while fighting.

Play As Smoke

Turn on the game. Wait for the MK3 logo to appear. When you hear the bell, press A, B, B, A, Down, A, B, B, A, Down, Up, Up.

Secret Level

When you finish off Shao Kahn he will blow up. When it says you are the new MK3 champion take the opposite controller (eg. if you beat Shao Kahn with controller one then use controller two) and press START.

You will be taken to the two player screen and on the bottom where it says the next level it will have a "-" there. You will fight on the screen that says you are the next champion.

Note: If you uppercut your opponent the fight will end with no winners. If you do not uppercut your opponent then the winner will fight Shao Kahn again.

Shao Khan VS Shao Khan

Enable the cheat code menus (CHEAT CODES and SECRET MENU), then pick "BOSSES ENABLE." Then player one and player two picks SINDEL. At the VS screen put in the code 0-3-3/5-6-4. Let player one win round one. When you fight him, player two presses START. Then player one picks Shao Khan. Player two picks Sindel. Again let player one win round one.Then watch Shao Khan fight Shao Khan.

NOTE: For other matches repeat the code for Shao Khan, but enter these codes

Kode Kombatant

2-0-5 2-0-5 Smoke
7-6-9 3-4-2 Noob Saibot
4-6-9 1-4-1 Motaro

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